Board of Directors

Abbie Stone, President

Abbie has served as a board member since 2008 and serves as the vice chair with B’nai B’rith Center for Senior Services. Abbie brings years of experience and dedication in the fields of gerontology and wellness. She is committed to providing affordable, safe housing and engaging opportunities for individuals to realize their potential intellectually, socially and physically, fostering lifelong independence.

Susan Hopkinson,  Assistant President

Susan Hopkinson started her journey in elder-care as a hospice volunteer in 2000. She accepted a Hospice Liaison position with the Visiting Nurse Association, Omaha, Nebraska in 2004 and remained in that position until 2007. Looking for a warmer climate, Susan relocated back to Tucson where she spent her childhood and loved living in the desert. Susan worked at Carondelet Hospice. Susan joined the Board in 2013. Currently she is employed by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona, giving her an inter-generational perspective.

Michael Levy, Vice-President

Michael Levy is past president of the Board of Directors and has served on the B’nai B’rith Covenant House Board since 2002. He is currently a partner in the SLS Wealth Management Group of the Tucson office of Merrill Lynch. Michael is dedicated to helping the Board create and develop services and programs not funded by HUD. He has enjoyed seeing the Wellness Center, Computer Lab, and Covenant Closet established during his board service and the benefit it has brought the residents. Mike & his wife Tracy have three grown children, and he is an avid cyclist and Ohio State Buckeye fan.

Marshall Herron, Secretary

Marshall Herron is the co-founder, longest serving board member and grant writer for the Wellness center. Born in Tucson, he serves the community as a Licensed Fiduciary. He has had a passion for working on elderly and disabled issues since the 1980s, and was instrumental in establishing the relationship with Bank of America to create the Covenant closet. Marshall received the Diane Lynn Anderson award for his services to the Elderly and Disabled from the Community Foundation in 2018.

Pattie Martin, Liaison to Resident Council

Pattie joined the Covenant House Board of Directors in 2008 with a heartfelt invitation from a great friend, Michael Levy. Her goal is to share her love for seniors and offer any assistance that they need to feel more empowered and strong. Offering her assistance on the Board was a natural fit for her! Pattie acted as Board President from 2010 to 2013, and was blessed to learn much more about the Covenant House, the residents, B’nai B’rith and HUD. In her words: “I hope for all communities with seniors to have such a beautiful home as the Covenant House. It has everything a person could need to live a life that is full, with lots of friendships, social opportunities, and benefits in a safe and comfortable environment.”

Honey Manson

Honey has been on the Board since 1997 and has been a member at large helping in any way she could. She has done Blood Pressure readings(Honey is a retired R.N.) and has helped some of the residents with special needs. Honey is happy to contribute to this wonderful facility in any way that maintains the excellent standard of care.


Past Presidents

Gerd Strauss (Founder) – 1995-2001

Morton Freedman – 2002-2003

Michael Levy – 2004-2010

Pattie Martin – 2010-2013

Abbie Stone – 2013-2018

Susan Hopkinson – 2018-2021